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【書評】Einstein Never Used Flashcards Chapter 1


「Einstein Never Used Flashcards: How Our Children Really Learn--and Why They Need to Play More and Memorize Less」の著者である Kathy Hirsh-Pasekはテンプル大学心理学部で幼児期の発達を専門に研究している教授である。
本書の内容は、いかに日常的に「遊ぶ」ことというのが、 実は学ぶことと同義であるかという一文で表すことができる。

The Plight of the Modern Parent 



Consider whether jumping to to the tune of the media piper is what you should be doing, or whether you will only be perpetuating n your own life the pressures our culture places on parents. Ask yourself, “Is this experience/class/drill/activity/worth reducing my child’s unstructured playtime further, schlepping to and from in the car, and playing for?” At least some of the time, reflection may well lead you to:
To resist feels daring and brave and… so good! To resist means you stop yourself from joining the frenzy. It means the you allow time to slow down again. I means the you “just say no”(than you, Nancy Regan!) And when you do resist, you do so based on scientific evidence to be presented in this book. This evidence tells us that less can be more. It tells us that the “adultification” and acceleration of children is not a positive choice, but one that robs children f their freedom to be. It tells us that to be happy, well-dusted, and smart, children do not need to attend every class and own each educational toy. Still, we recognize that resisting may at first make you feel guilt. That’s why you need to:
Re-centering involves reassuring yourself that you have a good choice, that you have recognized that the true center of childhood is pay,not work. After all, play is the primary way children were designed to learn. Although your decision may cause you some guilt or anxiety at first, you’ll know you are doing what is best for your child. The best way to re-center is to play with your child. Watch the delight and intensity on your child’s face as you join in his play and help him ti expand his horizons.


・Reflect: 考える。なぜ、子どもをこの習い事に入れるのか/入れる必要があるのか? やらせようとしていることは子供にとって大切な時間を減らさないか?